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Lake Louise at Banff National Park

When you run out of ‘wows’ or constantly repeat yourself ... this is a very beautiful part of the world. Today we met up with friends to see a few bits of Yoho National Park but besides the Takakkaw Falls all attractions along the Trans Canada Highway were closed off- season finished and roads blocked. We ended up in Alberta and at Lake Louise with hundreds of others, the clicking sound of cameras along the lake shore 

It’s a very pretty picture, don’t you think? We too took many of these ... just sorting through 😃 we walk along to the ‘end’ of the lake and ended up in front of a sign telling us that the Plain of Six Glacier Teahouse was only 3.5 km away. We looked at the terrain map, at each other and decided to walk on. 

Onwards and upwards, the path is well trotten and starts ascending immediately and then descend, as if we were challenged for a few minutes to rethink our decision ...

Visible are Glacier Lefroy and Glacier Victoria besides the grey sky. 

It looks like the sun wanted to come through the thick clouds - that’s Mt Aberdeen which is 3,161 m high. 

The sun didn’t really make it ... but in the end that didn’t matter 😃 

On our right, the ice formed and underneath was water running, it does produce some beautiful views and also some calming sounds. 

The path is becoming slightly less trotten and steeper by the minute. Nevertheless, the views remain stunningly beautiful and the closer we get to the glacier ice it becomes more fascinating. 

Time to turn around and in the valley we could see Lake Louise which seemed like a mirror at this point. Later on there were a few canoes on the lake which added a nice contrast to its blue. 

More icicle fields and (I think) Mt Victoria’s North side - altitude 3,388 m 

By now, the path is covered in ice and also snow, it’s becoming a bit difficult to walk but the fun doesn’t stop. We also thought that a nice hot chocolate at the Teahouse will be just the right treat after a hike like this one 😃 

The Victoria Glacier is stunning, I can’t get enough, while we hiked up there a small portion of the ice broke and the first thing we noticed was the sound of the snow rushing down the mountain, fascinating to see the cloud that’s formed when the snow hits the rock again. 

We are almost there at the Teahouse, hiking up to an altitude of 2,135 m with an elevation of almost 400m (oh, I only found that out after we returned to our room at the Truffle Pigs Inn) ... to find the note below! 

We also met the guy who got the last cup of tea for this season ... we were this close to our Hot Chocolate 😳 

After some well needed trail mix, we started our descent and took in some more of the fresh air of the mountains. 

Explaining what we were able to see 😎

Tried to show the steepness but it’s not coming through ...

Another path picture, I was clearly fascinated by its condition.

There is not a lot of water in this river, once the ice melts in spring I am sure this is completely different and exactly as impressive and wonderful to see.

Back to where we started. We hadn’t planned the trip like this but it turned out to be an amazing hike in the Canadian Rockies! 

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