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New Year 2019

Starting the new year with a walk through Epping Forest wasn’t on the list but hey, never stop exploring definitely is on the list 😃 beautiful spot, East of Central London, and without traffic, it took us less than an hour to get there and also the drive back was under an hour. We went on the Holly Trail, a 3 miles circuit on wide paths. The forest is dominantly broadleaf forest, which makes is a bit brownish at this time of the year - a good reason to return in spring and late summer. When the trees are not covered in leaves, I love to spot faces/expressions in the trees/trunks ... maybe you will see them too. I can spend hours just wandering around and taking (a few) pictures. Perfect start of the new year, just walking and soaking it all in, below a few shots from our walk. Looking forward to doing some more exploring this year.

PS. We went for a drink and a snack to the Brewers Fayre, don't bother, check out some other place 😉

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