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About this page and about me ...

Some years back I decided to keep a diary of our travels, for readers to enjoy and for me to check back and remember those great days. I moved to the UK about 10 years ago and I am always trying to learn as much about the place I live as possible. Hence the title -Britain has got some amzing spaces and the landscape is extra-ordinary with surprises all over. 

I like taking pictures and some posts will feature more and other less of them. Pictures seem to say most of the time more than words and I hope they will do justice. I connected my original blog to this page, which I started back in 2014. I do enjoy talking and writing about holidays, I guess there aren't many people out there not enjoying this. 

I also love London, it's a great city with many contrasting elements and it has so much to offer, theatres, shows, museums, conferences, great sports, and many green spaces. Living in West London these parks are literally around the corner and it sometimes doesn't even feel like being in a big city with almost 20 million people. 

When not exploring the isles or some distant part of the world, I am keen on cooking and baking, so there might be the odd recipe surfacing here or some picture about fermented food ... it's all about living healthy and enjoying live!

2020 is nearing its end ...travelling was not really possible this year ...  so I decided to share recipes, which are easy to prepare and feature a variety of different cuisines and also dietary requirements. I have created a new page with recipes and I will try to keep them coming in both English and German ... 

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