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More sun in Germany - Berlin

On our way back to the UK, we spent a night in Berlin and booked a tour within the German Reichstag, including a guided tour through the parliament 'chambers' and of course the dome ... What an amazing experience, neither of us has ever visited the building before so we had a few 'awe's' throughout the evening. I can highly recommend the guided tour, it takes about 90 minutes, costs absolutely nothing and gives you some insight of German history and how the government works.

The weather turned sunny, when we arrived at our hotel after a 2 hour traffic jam (the first Sunday in June many of Berlin's streets were reserved for cyclists only) ... and the occasional torrential downpour ... the area around the Museumsinsel hasn't seen a drop of rain :o ... we were warmly welcomed. After a very late lunch on the porch next to the river, we explored the immediate neighbourhood ...

One of 5 museums on the island
These guys are all over the city

Found on the Museumsinsel

The Dome

Europe's highest building

... later we walked along the big street Unter den Linden towards the Brandenburg Gate and the parliament ... slideshow below :)

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