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Need to blog more ...

The world has changed a lot this year - Covid-19 has such an impact on everyone's life ... I am lucky enough to have a job I can do from everywhere in the world, and so I am working 'normally' in this way not many things have change, other than (and an important one for me, no travel) I can't even imagine using public transport at the moment or sharing a closed space with many people. I am looking at screens of different sizes throughout the day, so I got myself some cool blue Barner glasses to take some of the strain of the eyes. #bluelightglasses

I am also lucky enough to play a sport that was one of the first permitted again in the UK - Golf #getintogolf since the UK started to open up I am out and about on the course, which I think kept me sane so long ...

and then there are Max and Moritz of course, they are so used to the fact that someone is always around - they are spoilt (as if they haven't been before 😉)

A few of my walks with friends brought me out to places close to London and loads of space. The tree circle above is taken in June at Langley Park on a phone. I will post a few more pictures soon (it feels like I have said that before ...)


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