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Early Morning at Kama'ole Beach

As to be expected, we had a very early morning ... it wasn't even 5am when we enjoyed our first cup of Kona coffee - we managed to even beat the birds this morning ... below is a bit of a concert, I had to add pictures as it was far too dark to take any while the guys woke up

It's really nice here, our little condominium is literally just across the street from Kama II (actually Kama'ole II) and it's a lovely sandy beach with a sister in the North - Kama I and another one in the South - Kama III. We went for a walk along II and III this morning and met many people, might be because it's Sunday and the locals are out early too or there are more people nurturing their jet lags around.

We definitely were hungry and one of the recommendations for breakfast is around the corner from where we stay so we ended up at Bistro 808 for endless coffee and omelettes. The food was delicious and I guess it wasn't our last time here. We also had our first shopping experience at Foodland (24 hours shop with local veggies and fruit), so it's no surprise that a huge Maui pineapple is on the menu for later :) As 'our' beach is facing West-wards I am sure well go down for the sunset - we've got to rise early tomorrow as I booked us on the Molokini Explorer Tour at 6am ... I thought we might still be jet lagged and we definitely will be :)

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