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Bird-watching trip - Hakalau Forest

I can't belief we are back in London and as usually I am running a bit late with my entries. Fighting jet-lag doesn't really help ... back to the story, When planning our tour to Big Island, I also signed us up for a day tour at Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge with our preferred tour provided on Hawai'i, Hawaii Forest and Trail. It was all about birds and natures and I can assure you that we saw plenty of birds, however there won't be a single bird picture - so if you are here for birds, I am sorry - that needs loads of practice and it was our very first bird-watching tour - you can listen to them in the video.

Fantastic nature, knowledgable guide and a great mix in the small group of people - all together a great day out in the wild! The Ohi'a trees are under immense thread and 80% of it's population is already dead ... there's a huge campaign if you want to know more #RDO (Rapid Death of the Ohi'a tree)

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