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Thailand - Khaolak

It's magical here the sea turquoise blue  

and the vegetation simply lush  

Of course we experience mild jet lag signs but overall we already feel rested and are curious to explore the area ... day trips to Suratthani National Park (hike) and Surin Island National Park are booked 😎🏝⛰

Here are some more pics from yesterday 

The sun sets here around 6.30pm which was too late for us yesterday 😳

Palm trees everywhere and our welcome drink was coconut water with small melon 🍉 balls and of course some tropical flower 🌺 on a stick - very refreshing 

There are a few fish 🐟 ponds around and it's not allowed to feed the fish

We had our first drink at the beach bar, as everywhere people are super friendly and it's nice to see so many smiles around 

During the approach to Phuket airport ...

... and many small islands 🌴 

... it felt mystical with no direct sun ☀️ 

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