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Day Trip to Khaosok National Park

After our snorkelling trip yesterday it was time to cover up the back of our legs - we only have SFP swim shirts, no trousers (might be worth investigating in a pair of these :)) - early morning start and a small group of six this time. Our guide for today is Bee and he really wants to wake us up - his iPad is full of interesting pictures of spiders (they are big), scorpions and elephants, birds and monkeys. Besides the spiders we haven't seen any other animals Bee showed us on the bus but I had a few leeches reaching out when we hiked through the rainforest.

We started our trip at the Ratchaprapa Dam (Cheow Lan Lake) with a photo session - the dam is 30 years this year.

30 years Ratchaprapa Dam

Then we boarded another long tail boat that took us across the river to our next adventure - walking through the jungle :) ​

kayaking before lunch

A bit of rain while we had lunch, half an hour down pour but some amazing shots with the clouds moving in and then the fog playing above the water, the temperature didn't drop a lot and after the rain we continued our tour, Bee made sure we weren't in the jungle when it happened so all was fine and everyone happy.

The actual hike went first upwards for about 15-20 minutes and then down towards another harbour for bamboo rafts, the raft then took us to a cave with plenty of stalagmites and stalactites and of course also some bats :) ​

The bamboo raft trip I tried to video - just for fun :)

I highly recommend a tour like this as it takes you away from the beach and lets you explore more than the coastal area. We went with Eco Khaolak Tours - they also organise a trip to an elephant camp where there's no trekking - yes we booked this one and updates to follow soon.

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