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Snorkelling in the Andaman Sea

Yesterday we went off for our first Snorkel trip here in Thailand and had a lot of fun, more sun and ... got sun burnt 😳 we booked all our trips with @ecokhaolak - they are present at the hotel and sounded like a good choice too, small groups and environmentally friendly. 

The trip took us close to the Myanmar boarder, so quite a bit North. We were only 11 people and boarded the long tail boat around 10am. 

Our crew of three wasn't very talkative and our leader of the day, called No, had a few problems with English so that the conversation was among the group, which was fine and we had loads of fun.

Fishing boat coming into the harbour, we met them in the afternoon again when they left the harbour.

After 2 snorkelling sites, one with very strong currents, there was basically no need to swim just lay on the water and watch, we went to a lonely island for lunch. Seriously no idea how they did it but we were served 3 warm dishes there by the crew. 👍😳

The first snorkelling site had plenty of fish and besides the cloudy conditions also great colour of the corals, when the sun joined in it was amazing. The second one had loads of colourful ferns but unfortunately the visibility wasn't that great, nevertheless loads of fun.

Our third and final snorkel was meant around a small island. It started off nicely with great corals and fish and fern 🐟🐠😃 however, after about 30 minutes the water became really choppy and we had to abandon our plan and return to the boat. Tired and happy we made our way back into the harbour and down South ... next trip - the jungle of Suratthani 

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