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Day trip to Ko Surin

It's Wednesday already and after our trips to Ko Kai and Khaosok National Park we took a rest on Tuesday to recharge and also see what's around our hotel resort? We went for a walk on Tuesday afternoon ... thninking about it ... that's definitely enough material for another blog entry. This one is dedicated to Ko Surin. The islands are again off Thailand's West coast on the Andaman Sea and form a National Park, this time we were actually told to avoid touching or collecting anything as it is a National Park. The speedboat had about 30 passengers and I have no idea how they did it but all our snorkel spaces were just us, no other boats around (and I think we met about 5-8 others during our lunch break)

The visibility here is amazing and I loved all three snorkel locations! I will upload some videos to give a better impression ... to us this came second to the Great Barrier Reef

Corals and sooooooooo many fishes- all colours, all sizes

That's similar to what we did, only 3 snorkelling sides not 4.

The beach at lunch time

and here a video :) I am still in the process of uploading some of the videos I took on the trips

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