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My favourite animals ...

... are gentle giants. An elephant 🐘 will never fail to amaze me, make me speechless as I just watch and am in awe about these animals. Our last trip was a visit to an elephant camp - the only one around the Khaolak region where the stopped trekking elephants. The trip includes feeding the animals (4 female elephants aged 19-46 live here)  

before they are taken for their Morning bath ... the chance to be very close ... goosebumps alarm 

couldn't get enough and this morning really was the top of our trips - swimming in the Indian Ocean and seeing the corals and fishes is amazing, no doubt about it! However being so close to such a giant takes my breath away in awe. 

Later we visited a turtle conservation camp where we also learnt more about the 2004 Tsunami and its consequences, so much pain for so many - different goosebumps.

We finished with a visit to the former elephant camp of Eco Khaolak where we also learnt that the Massouts live self-sufficiently with their families, bananas, cashews, fishing, chickens and so many herbs ... all are found in immediate proximity of the camp 

An amazing half day, learning a lot - fun day 😃👍

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