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¡Hola Madrid!

First time in the Spanish capital and I love it ... the weather comes as an absolute bonus having struggled a bit back home last week. The sun is out and we explored a bit this afternoon 😃 however, we had to start with food first and went downstairs for some tapas, delicious 😋 

Beef with pomelo and a tiny bit of garlic mayo - awesome

I was a bit late for the croquetas 😊 

Our hotel room is quirky and very centrally located, I booked this before every single room looked different and it's located just a 5 minutes stroll away from Plaza Mayor 😎

The inner court of the hotel and what else than a restaurant would feature here

Great welcome to the Spanish capital

Part of the bathroom 

Room with a few, the windows opposite are part of yet another restaurant 🍴🍷

And then we went out to have a bit of a wandering around ...

Note: blue sky 😃

Inside Mercado San Miguel - guess what's coming back to the UK 🍖

First glance at Plaza Mayor - people everywhere 😮

Shopping heaven (for rainy days) 😀

Box office 

Another market 

Café Gijon 

Beer seems to be available here everywhere... cerveza 🍻

... back at Plaza Mayor 

Both the museums we went to were about to close when we got there! Prado and Thyssen will open tomorrow at 10am so does Reina Sofia ... and the sun is out as well - decisions decisions decisions 😎

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