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Kettle Valley Railway - Naramata section

On Sunday we made the most of the beautiful autumn (fall) sunshine and went for a walk along the old railway track up in the mountains. 

That’s the view we were rewarded with after 4.4km - calm and peaceful. Yesterday we actually saw how big (or rather huge?) the Okanagan Lake is. We were driving from Naramata to Field and the lake stretches a long way along HWY 97

Map of the trail in the Naramata area, we really did only a very tiny part. The sign on the left was the information that a bear 🐻 has been seen in the area, must have been on its way to their hypernating place 😃 

The trail is wide and used by walkers as well as cyclist, must be amazing to cycle the whole trail 😎

Okanagan Lake on the left 

Massive stones on the right

Couldn’t resist ...

East of Little Tunnel

Little Tunnel 

West of Little Tunnel

I loved the colours along the way 

... even a still really vibrant green maple tree in the middle of it 

Got a few recommendations in terms of things to do and to see in the area. A wine tour is a definitely must. Adrian organised one with Coconut Express, very pleasant, laid back and knowledgeable. We started at Monsters, visited Poplar Grove, Ruby Blues (amazing tasting with Denis who explained what and why and how) and finished at Bench 1775, and that was at around 1pm and approximately 16 different wines later. 

We also visited Thightrope on Sunday Morning because we were recommended a Shiraz from them when we arrived in Vancouver last Thursday that was really nice so we wanted to stock up on that. We resisted the tasting but had a nice 20 minutes chat at the wine shop. 

That’s the one 

On Sunday we went as a small group/bigger family of 11 to The Vanilla Pod (Poplar Grove’s Restaurant on the vineyard), great atmosphere, super service, delicious food (and wine) - perfect finish to the day! 

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