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In transit ... or travelling from an alpine climate to a desert in less than 5 hours

We woke up extremely early (even for me), still dark outside- the sun only rises after 8am- and the coffee maker got into gear at 5.28am ... we took pretty slowly and only made it to breakfast after sunrise, however it was still dark. When we sat down at the breakfast table we suddenly noticed the heavy snowfall. 

We actually had planned to visit Emerald Lake in the morning but gave it a miss as visibility wasn’t great and we weren’t exactly sure about road conditions off the Trans Canada Highway.

Nope I didn’t take this one while driving 

Once we reached lower grounds, the snow stopped and we could see the mountains again 

On the way down to Golden, low clouds and we were still above them 😃 

We arrived in Kamloops in the early afternoon so where still able to get to explore the area around here. 

We walked on the river bed of the South Thompson River, which at this time of the year seems more a trickle than a river but the bed is pretty wide ... 

Line up of Canada geese, heading towards the water 

It looked like the weather might bring some rain but in the end it went the other way and we decided to wander a bit further ... 

Autumn colours 😃

We started to hike up the hills here but lost our way and decided to leave this for this morning after breakfast 😃

It’s beautiful out here as well, totally different to Yoho and Banff National Parks but nevertheless stunning. 

That’s the place we are staying at the moment, amazing grounds, super friendly people - food wise? Let’s say there is room for improvement 😉 we thought we were travelling back in time ... microwaved veggies on the plate 🍴 however, I had a really nice glass of Fairview Red 😉

The lower part of the path when it still was a path ... 

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