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Bowen Island walk on a grey afternoon

Leaving the city to spend our last evening before heading back home, with Trish and John on Bowen . It’s a misty day, a bit on the cold side as well but not a chance we’d miss a walk, there is a reason for appropriate clothing 🍁🌫🍂

No luck spotting the beaver but the dam and the river were too beautiful to miss. 

We went around the lake as it was highly recommended and rightly so. Even on a day when the sky doesn’t give any contrasts for a ‘beautiful’ picture, nature got a lot in store. Lush greens, the moss occupying the trees and their branches, something magical in every scene. 

Ferns throughout our walk, some of them are pretty high (I am not a tall person so it feels as if they grow higher) 

Moss has taken over all branches of this tree, and it was so quiet that all you could hear was the tripping sound of the water. 

Rain forest 🌳 definitely not a tropical one but impressive nevertheless. 

Tried to get a panorama shot from the ‘end’ of the Killarney Lake, where dead tree trunks dominate the vista and as I said the sky wasn’t supportive to take photographs 😉

However, the sky created a nice atmosphere for pictures around the lake. The East shore has direct access to the water whereas we started on the opposite side and went uphill and downhill in the dense forest. 

The South side features not only another viewpoint but also a picnic area, summer here must be absolutely amazing. 

Another one of the footpath around the lake. 

Later over dinner we were chatting about the ‘healing’ power of the forest and its calming influence on ourselves. It was a great walk and we are happy to have gone for it even with the ‘unfriendly’ misty weather - it was exactly what we needed. ✨ 

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