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A poem found in Field, BC

While we stayed at the Truffle Pigs Inn (my review on TripAdvisor), I saw the below poem on the wall and yesterday I went back to the guys and asked if I could be sent a picture ... and they did, another star for them. 


The mountains here know

only the large words:

Life, death, eternity.

I smile at my new car

I smile and stroke the


filled with extra horses


and set to pull against the


The mountain says, “Ten thousand years

a million are the same to me

as seconds down, directly down a gorge.”

I’ve longed to be encased in fame

to know a president, prime minister

and eat fresh lobster daily with radiccio

and sometimes almost touch this world of lights

But when I tell the giant rocks

they send me back

a yawning Yoho, “So?”

The task I’m doing now - imperative

as sirens or pee

until I see the silent still of trees

I feel the ice that layers down

and down to crystals made

in Neolithic nights.

The mountains call out

look at me

and feel your body shrink enough

that you can slide through keyholes

of the doors that have been locked

and paddle calm and safe through any

random spill.

I wish that I could live here for a while

allow their slow exquisite faces

to out stare my digitalized gaze

until they would dissolve

all thoughts in me

that not granite

until like them I too

know only the large words

like “Thunder’, like “Imagine, now, the stars.”

Dorothy Coffman 2004

... and of course, this poem calls for some mountain shots 

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