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Commuting throughout the seasons

Since we started to walk to Richmond Station on our way to work back in January 2017, I was fascinated to observe the river with its raising and falling water level, the awakening of nature along the river, the sun light, which seems to be a little bit different every day ...

I took pictures not entirely how many but it's close to the region of about 600. I put some of them here, trying to capture the seasons as well as the mood. We had sunny days, rainy days, foggy days, very grey sky, very blue sky - well, almost everything one can find around here. Just recently we even had some snow, leaving visible tracks and enjoying one of the quietest Mornings along the river.

Spring is now on its way, even if I find it hard to believe looking out of the window with plenty of snow flakes dancing in the wind. It won't last but it's a bit of a set back, as the past two days it really felt like spring and I hope that the blossoms and the first green leaves will survive that little interference of winter.

The Lock is Richmond Lock and it is very pretty with its brick pillars and iron bars, the old lights and of course its very own weir. I find it makes a very good photo subject regardless of the weather, even if you can hardly see it.

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